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"Well if you want to hear what most of us are thinking read this book."

"This writer is spot on . . . making him one of the biggest dreamers in America at the present time. His writing is eloquent and concise."

". . . every American not currently in the 1% should read this book and think hard about the ideas."

Remember the Occupy Wall Street movement?

Is it even possible to "Rebuild the Dream?"

Are you waiting for someone else to solve the nation's problems, fix our broken economy, and root out the corrupted "leaders" who infest Washington?

Step up. Do your part. "Waste" your vote on someone who truly deserves it, instead of holding your nose yet again and voting AGAINST the more awful candidate. Vote FOR something.

Read the Essays for the 99%, and open your mind to the possibility that things CAN be better, and that they WILL be better, if enough of us resolve to do SOMETHING, rather than nothing.

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Parts I through VI are: The Carrot and The Stick, A Call to Action, The Auction, The Choice, Plan B, and Reconstruction. They are intended to inspire and motivate the citizens of this great nation of ours. Part VII, Class Warfare, is a "criminal" indictment of the 1%, and a satirical prediction of future events.

Don't let someone else do your thinking for you. Make up your own mind. Read or listen to the Essays and decide for yourself.

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Part VI - Reconstruction

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The future of our way of life, our people, our Nation is at stake. Please read or listen to the Essays, and THINK before you vote.

"Complacency is complicity, and both are absolutely unacceptable."

Thanks for listening.