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Editorial Reviews

"Ten Questions . . . Hidden Discounts Revealed discusses how to crack down on one's auto insurance bill . . . From finding discounts, improving one's rating, and much more . . . Ten Questions is an excellent and much recommended pick for anyone struggling with their auto insurance."

The Midwest Book Review
Willis M. Buhle


"Pwning N00bs . . . centers around building a respectable gaming-PC that can maintain performance, without spending the defence budget of a small country. For that alone, this book is worth the three quid it costs for the Kindle version."

- UK Gaming Daily
Steve Fulton

Customer Reviews

"Fantastic Resource
November 13, 2011

This review is from:
Ten Questions - The Insider's Guide to Saving Money on Auto Insurance: Hidden Discounts Revealed (Paperback)
"As an insurance agent, I won't give you these answers, but this book certainly does! Learn the tricks of the trade and save money on your auto insurance. This book is a must read for all auto owners!"

This review is from: Pwning Noobs - The PC Gamer's Guide to Hardware, Strategy, and Tactics
5.0 out of 5 stars

PC Gaming Conspiracy Solved!

March 14, 2013
By Roadie7
Format:Paperback - Amazon Verified Purchase
"Yes Virginia, there is a plot against all new to average pc gamers by the better guys to humiliate and kill you. Over and over again and again.... This book changes the game and your future for a measly $10. What a buy.

In January I finally had the time and resources to pursue this hobby. I spent weeks searching for practical guidelines to learn how to game and what to buy. While there is no end to information on the equipment side of things - there is practically nothing on how to begin and grow the understanding necessary to succeed as a beginner. Go ahead and try. Good luck.

Other gamers want you to know nothing so they can splatter you over and over. They love it. It's why they play.

What's missing out there is the big broad strategies and specific common-sense tactics. This only comes from years of experience and an extrordinary ability to teach. While there's plenty of equipment tutorials, there is almost zero about how to start and grow as a player. Just because I can buy a rocket does not mean I can pilot one. Yes, I can buy a rocket and I can launch. OOoooppss! Crash and burn. Guess I won't be strapping myself into that cockpit anymore - I don't like to die a horrible humiliating death - over and over.

Pwning NOObs solves this learning curve problem. It gave me the confidence about the real concepts in building/buying a gaming pc but more importantly it told me how to survive, what to expect and how to get better. This book is - for me - a lifesaver. I'd say this book is required reading for any new player and at the same time I'd wager a large sum it would be essential for most part-time players as well. Nobody knows what they don't know. And based on John David's know-how the benefits are obvious across all aspects of this wierd and wonderful world of pc gaming.

Bottom line: because this is my best and last chance to establish my hobby and more fun in life, this is the most practical and useful book I ever bought. 10 Stars for John David!"